bbfThe 16th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016
Host and French Reporter Jackie Watson, was shining with the stars at the 16th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016 (BHFF). The festival, held at the TLC Chinese 6 Theaters in Los Angeles, featured 80 unique competition films from all around the globe.
Jackie had the wonderful privilege of speaking directly with BHFF founder Nino Simone, himself. She also spoke with some of the festivals talented independent filmmakers, directors, film crews, writers, and actors including Linda Gray, Mateo, Adrienne C. Moore, Lenny Emery, Scott Parkin, Ian Waddell, Avata Segal, Michael King, Chris Folkens, Asher Grodman, Alexander Stockton, Brenda Lee Lau, Warwick Young, and Brandon Espinoza.
The 16th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016 is an international competition dedicated to showcasing the art and talent of emerging and independent filmmakers. The festival allows participants to feature their films in the highest quality venues. Each year, it welcomes more than 20,000 attendees who meet for a total of five days of screenings, special events, VIP after parties, seminars and more.
Some of the exciting, featured films included: “The Lennon Report,”—based on true events about the aftermath of John Lennon’s murder and some of the people who witnessed it; “Second Chance”— a film in which a home invader goes back to help a girl whose life he helped ruin. “Breathe”—a psychological thriller about a doctor, feeling immense responsibility and guilt over his wife’s untimely death, creates within himself his own personal hell; “The Brainwashing of My Dad”—a film about a girl who is determined to find out why her once loving father turned utterly bitter after watching Fox News; “Rainfall”—an animated story about a girl who experiences her first date, first kiss, and first heartache all in one night.
What a great event! It was truly an amazing honor to be present at this festival and to see some of-the-best- of-the-best independent films ever seen!
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—Written by: Valerie Roop

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